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Droplets - WebsiteBaker

There are many droplets created and shared through different channels.
These pages are an attempt to build a library of usefull droplets.

The droplets are grouped in a few categories:

Note: The droplets listed here are created by members of the WebsiteBaker community, not necessarily by Dev4me. The quality is not guaranteed.

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What are Droplets?

"Droplets" is the way of inserting PHP code anywhere on your website.

You can add Droplets in your Template, your WYSIWYG section but also within other modules configurable outputs.

Droplets are defined in your site using double-square-brackets. An example of a Droplet definition is .

Droplets are actually small pieces of PHP code, just like you might use in a CODE section.
Some restrictions apply to the used code:

  • You cannot use the echo or print commands.
  • The data you want to end up in the website output is sent as the "return" value of the Droplet code.
  • The Droplets are defined in the WB backend in the Admin-Tools section.