De 404 module heeft een veiligheids update gekregen.
Als je deze module gebruikt op je website is het aan te raden deze module zo spoedig mogelijk te upgraden!

WebsiteBaker Modules / Snippets / Droplets

Dev4me /  Allwww heeft al vele modules en snippets ontwikkeld.

U vindt hier een overzicht en download mogelijkheden voor alle modules.


WebsiteBaker and compatibility of the modules created by Dev4me

WebsiteBaker has made some updates the last few years (v2.11, 2.12 and currently 2.13RC) where many core changes were done without telling the world what those changes are or what reason there was to make those changes, including changes to core functionality that are not backwards compatible and might break your website. Also default settings on included scripts and other frontend filters might break your website after upgrading.

Due to this way of releasing new versions it is very well possible that modules you can find on this website will not work as intended anymore in WB versions above 2.10.
So, if modules do not work as expected and you are using WB versions 2.11 or higher, please do not ask me for help but use the WebsiteBaker forum to find a solution.

For me it is impossible to test and adapt all of my open source modules (currenty 43 free modules) on every new version of WebsiteBaker that is released.

It seems that WebsiteBaker uses their own addons website to publish fixed versions of my modules (while still using my name as developer ?!), so if you really need to upgrade your WebsiteBaker website to those versions you might be better off to use the "official" WebsiteBaker addons site and hope those modules will keep doing what they are supposed to do.