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UsersOnline - WebsiteBaker Snippet

Warning: Old module

This snippet displays a simple line that says "Currently: 21 users online".

Hovering over the line a tooltip popup will display a timestamp and the page that is being viewed.

When called with your "admin" IP address it will also display the IP address of the visitors and if it is called by a searchbot. (experimental bot detection).



Install the zipfile as a normal module through the WB backend.

Using the snippet in your template index.php:

<?php UsersOnline() ?>    

Optional parameters: <?php UsersOnline( $use_tooltip, $prefix , $suffix , $single , $admin_ip ) ?>

  $use_tooltip = Adds a small javascript to display a hovering tooltip with details of the current connections. (default := 1, 0 no tooltip)
  $prefix = The text in front of the user counter. ( default := "Currently: " )
  $suffix = The text after the user counter when there is more than one user online. (default = " users online")
  $single = The text after the user counter when there is just one user online. (default = " user online")
  $admin_ip = The IP address that will see more details. Details are IP address and browser name (if detected) (default := "")

Customised Example: <?php UsersOnline(1 , "Online: " , " users" , " user", "" ) ?>


- Old module - unsupported
License: GNU / GPL
Timestamp: 05-09-2017
Version: 0.1
Filesize: 16.08 KB
Downloads: 1651