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MiniCounter - WebsiteBaker Snippet

This snippet displays a simple pagecounter.

It will show a total and a daily counter for each page.

All data is stored in a WB table, future development may allow you to view historical data from the gathered information.

Version 0.2.2. now has an extra function to create a list of most Popular Pages.


Currently 2 snippets are in this package.
MiniCounter: The counter that does the counting and display the simple counters on the webpage.
Popular_Pages: Displays the top 'n' pages in a unorderred list (<ul><li>L.....)


Installation: Install the zipfile as a normal module through the WB backend.

Using the MiniCounter snippet:


 <?php MiniCounter() ?>

Optional parameters: <?php MiniCounter( $show_counter, $hits_text, $today_text, $closing_text ) ?>

  $show_counter = Echo the counter result (default := 1, 0 no output)
  $hits_text = The text in front of the total hits counter. (default := "Pagehits: ", if set to "" no total counter is displayed)
  $today_text = The text in front of the today hits counter. (default := " (Today: ", if set to "" no daily counter is displayed)
  $closing_text = Optional text to close the result of the snippet. (default := ")", if set to "" no closing is displayed)

Customised Example: <?php MiniCounter(1 , "Hits: " , " [Today: " , "]" ) ?>

No Output: <?php MiniCounter(0) ?>

Popular Pages
Using the Popular_Pages snippet:


<?php Popular_Pages() ?>

Optional parameters: <?php Popular_Pages( $count, $title, $show_menu_title, $show_totals ) ?>

  $count = The amount of pages listed by the snippet.
  $title = The heading of the block. It is written in a <div class="popularpages"><h2> </h2></div>
      -- The listing itself is written in <div class="popularlist"><ul><li>........</li></ul></div>
  $show_menu_title = If set to 0 (default = 1) the page title is used for the link. Not the menu_title.
  $show_totals = if set to 1 a tooltip will be added to the link with the total pageviews for that page.

    The counter snippet will correctly count pages from (some of the) modules that create their own physical pages.
    i.e. News pages are not in the pages structure, but will be counted sperately.
    The popular_pages snippet cannot link directly to these sub-pages. Therefore the total count will be totalised for all newspages.


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License: GNU / GPL
Timestamp: 05-09-2017
Version: 0.23
Filesize: 5.79 KB
Downloads: 1770