The 404 module has received a security update for any version below v1.6!
If you are using this module on your website you are advised to upgrade the module as soon as possible!

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Dynamic download links

Create a download link that is unique for the current session only. The direct location of the download will not be visible.


Go to grouppage after login

This droplet will detect if a user has just logged in and will redirect the user to a url defined by group.


Creates a html tag, opens and closes this tag with 2 droplet calls for tags that should be used over more than one section


This Droplet will show a link to the backend page editor.
This is only shown when the user is logged in and has the correct permissions to edit the page in question.


Similar to the Lorem Droplet but will randomize the paragraphs per page view
Modification of the Lorem Droplet, Random Lorem will display up to 6 random Lorem paragraphs, each time randomizing the blocks


The AutoPlay Droplet makes it possible to display all pages of your website as a carousel.

This Droplet will make it possible to display all pages of your website as a carousel. To do this the Droplet tag should be included in your template!


This Droplet will add a search box to your page.


This Droplet will show a login form. You can use it in your template so it will show on all pages.


This Droplet can be used to generate the Lorem Ipsum text on your pages.