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Experimental Image Resizer script - WebsiteBaker

(Note: The droplet is also included in the download)

Unpack the zip on your local computer.
The script (image.php) must be placed in the /media/ directory.
It should have sufficient rights to create a cache directory for the cache to function. ( /media/cached_images/ )
The content of droplet.txt should be used to create your droplet.

Droplet code (v4)

<? //Scan page and replace all <img src=''> with a width or height set found in attributes of inline style information
//Should also work with images sized in CK-Editor

$wb_page_data = str_replace('{ SYSVAR:MEDIA_REL }', $sMediaUrl, $wb_page_data );

preg_match_all('/<img [^>]*>/im',$wb_page_data,$matches);
if(!count($matches))return true; // nothing found
foreach($matches[0] as $match){

    if(preg_match('/width="[0-9]*"/i',$match) && preg_match('/height="[0-9]*"/i',$match)){
    } elseif(preg_match('/style="[^"]*width: *[0-9]*px/i',$match) && preg_match('/style="[^"]*height: *[0-9]*px/i',$match)){
        $width=preg_replace('/.*style="[^"]*width: *([0-9]*)px.*/i','\1',$match);
        $height=preg_replace('/.*style="[^"]*height: *([0-9]*)px.*/i','\1',$match);
    } elseif(preg_match('/style="[^"]*width: *[0-9]*px/i',$match)){
        $width=preg_replace('/.*style="[^"]*width: *([0-9]*)px.*/i','\1',$match);
    } elseif(preg_match('/style="[^"]*height: *[0-9]*px/i',$match)){
        $height=preg_replace('/.*style="[^"]*height: *([0-9]*)px.*/i','\1',$match);
    if(!$width || !$height) continue;
    $imgsrc = preg_replace('/.*src="([^"]*)".*/i','\1',$match);
    if(strpos($imgsrc,WB_URL.MEDIA_DIRECTORY) !== false ){ 
        $src = str_replace(WB_URL.MEDIA_DIRECTORY.'/','', $imgsrc);
        if(!file_exists(WB_PATH.MEDIA_DIRECTORY.'/'.urldecode($src))) continue;
        if(!$x || !$y || ($x==$width && $y==$height))continue;
        $search[]  = 'src="'.$imgsrc.'"';
        if($width) {
            $replace[] = 'src="'.WB_URL.'/media/images.php?i='.$src.'&w='.$width.'"';
        } else {
            $replace[] = 'src="'.WB_URL.'/media/images.php?i='.$src.'&h='.$height.'"';
if(isset($search)) $wb_page_data = str_replace($search,$replace,$wb_page_data);
return true;

Note: do not copy/paste the code above. It is modified a little bit to show the SYSVAR:MEDIA_REL in this page. Use the dropletcode in the download only!
Name the droplet something like "imgresizer" and include it on a page where you want the images to be resized.


Version 0.5.1
- fixes orientation (like vertical images from mobile phones)
- also handles webp images (creating jpg!)
- improved browser caching for resized images

* Droplet *
- dropletcode (v4) checks for existing files
License: GNU / GPL
Timestamp: 24-06-2020
Version: 0.5.1
Filesize: 2.61 KB
Downloads: 543
Version: 0.3, Timestamp: 24-08-2017, Downloads: 767
Version 0.3
Bugfix - Droplet now first rewrites { SYSVAR:MEDIA_REL }.
The file images.php is not changed.
Version: 0.2, Timestamp: 17-08-2012, Downloads: 1641
Version 0.2
Imageresizer code similar to v0.1 but an improved droplet.
Now also supports inline style width/height settings (for CK-Editor)
Version: 0.1, Timestamp: 04-06-2012, Downloads: 1821
Version 0.1
Note: this is an experiment. It is not advised (yet) to use this in production websites

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