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Google Reviews

Do you want to show google reviews? This module allows you to build a database with reviews using the public google reviews feed.

The feed requires a valid Google API key (allowing the Places API) and the PlaceID of the business whose reviews are to be displayed.

Google only allows you to fetch 5 reviews, so this module will store the reviews and will try to fetch newer reviews periodically.


Version 1.1
- allowing same reviews in different languages (based on page language settings)
- removed javascript from php and now using frontend.js allowing parameters to be set (or disable slider completely)
- added slider pause when hovering the review card
License: GNU / GPL
Timestamp: 07-02-2024
Version: 1.1
Filesize: 17.92 KB
Downloads: 98
Version: 1.0, Timestamp: 07-02-2024, Downloads: 77
- initial release