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Suggested dropletname: ShowRandomWYSIWYG

Published by: dbs

Randomly display one WYSIWYG section from a given list

global $database;
$content = '';
if (isset($section)) {
 if( preg_match('/^[0-9]+(?:s*[,|-;:+#/]s*[0-9]+s*)*$/', $section)) {
 if (is_readable(WB_PATH.'/modules/wysiwyg/view.php')) {
 // if valid arguments given and module wysiwyg is installed
 // split and sanitize arguments
  $aSections = preg_split('/[s,|-;:+#/]+/', $section);
  $section_id = $aSections[array_rand($aSections)]; // get random element
  ob_start(); // generate output by wysiwyg module
  $content = ob_get_clean();
return $content;



possible Delimiters: [ ,;:|-+#/ ]


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