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Dutch Date

Suggested dropletname: date

Published by: Aaaarco

This Droplet will create the current date in readable Dutch format.
(It should be simple to change this to other languages too)

$datum = date("j F Y");
$dagvanweek = date("l");
$arraydag = array("Zondag","Maandag","Dinsdag","Woensdag","Donderdag","Vrijdag","Zaterdag");
$dagvanweek = $arraydag[date("w")];
$arraymaand = array("Januari","Februari","Maart","April","Mei","Juni","Juli","Augustus","September","Oktober","November","December");
$datum = date("j ") . $arraymaand[date("n") - 1] . date(" Y");
return "$dagvanweek, $datum";



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